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Nest is our proactive program that is designed to support student achievement, student growth and student well being.  A time for everyone to press pause and take a few minutes away from academics to build relationships, do check-ins, and get information.

Nest meets the criteria provided by the Ohio Department of Education Tier 1 PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports), which serves as the foundation for behavior and academics. 

Nest also protects academic time so that we can do non-academic activities and not lose time used for learning. These activities can be found on our Nest calendar weekly and below you will see some of the activities we use Nest for:

  • Daily announcements

  • Hold most of our drills (fire, tornado, lock down, etc.)

  • Share information with students

  • Celebrate students/school achievements

  • SchooLinks: College & career planning platform