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Requirement For Enrollment

Current high school students registering for one or more mathematics courses must follow their current teacher's recommendation.  If the student/parent disagrees with the recommendation, a signed course waiver must be submitted to the student's current math teacher.  This waiver will be documented, and the math teacher will open up the new course to be scheduled by the student, provided credit has been obtained in all prerequisite coursework.

Entering freshman students will be registered on the recommendation of the Middle School Mathematics faculty.

Enrollment in Honors or AP Class
Enrollment in an Honors or AP class requires a Grade of B or higher in the preceding Honors class OR teacher recommendation. Students not qualifying for an AP or Honors class may enroll with the submission of a parent waiver, provided prerequisites have been met for the course.

Calculator Requirement
All Mathematics classes will require a graphing calculator at various times throughout the year. The faculty instructs using the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator, and any TI-84 model will be supported in the classrooms. AP Statistics will be instructed with the Numworks Graphing Calculator, in addition to the TI-84.  Any calculator that performs symbolic manipulation (such as the TI-89 or TI-nSpire CAS) will not be permitted for assessment use.   

Math Course Chart
Mathematics Courses