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Cyber Security

Two-Year Program With Ability To Earn Industry-Based Credential Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical Schools Satellite Program.

The purpose of this two-year College Tech Prep Program is to prepare students to become network security professionals. The Cyber Security program is designed around certifications from industry leaders such as CompTIA and Cisco in preparation for the information technology workforce.  Students will learn how to design and build computer networks and enhance their security skills. The Cyber Security program includes PC hardware repair and troubleshooting, PC operating systems, networking, and technology management and administration.  Students in the Cyber Security program also receive instruction in logic, mathematics, business management, communication, and employability. Areas of study include Networking, Network Management, Network Security, Cybersecurity Defense and Reinforcement.

Note that students are required to enroll and sign articulation agreements with Eastland Fairfield Career and Technical Schools in order to take courses in this pathway.  Additional Information about this program can be found at Eastland-Fairfield Program Website.


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